Cyclades, here we are

It is safe to say, that this year weather in Slovenia (and also in other parts of Europe) was nowhere near what should be like in the summer. We hadn’t had more than a few hot and sunny days. For instance, in the beginning of August, Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia had more rain…


Sunshine Coast – the sunniest Australia

The Sunshine Coast is the area in South Queensland, just North of Brisbane. The name says it all: there are sunny days and warm weather through all of the year. It actually has an average 300 sunny days per year and more than 100km of beaches, so it really lives up to its name.


Beauty of Slovenian coast

There is nothing new about the fact, that Slovenia is not a maritime power. But we also have sea and our own coast. It is still being negotiated if we have access to international waters. Some figure facts: Slovenia has around 46 km of coast. If we divide this among approximately 2 millions of us,…


Coming up: Island hopping in Greece

Today we are leaving for Greece! After waiting 2 months our summer vacation is finally here. Why were we waiting so long? Because we don’t like crowds that can gather up in July and August (the busiest months in Greece) and because the prices of lodging drop significantly. The water and the weather are still…

DSC_0175-4 (2)

Discovering Slovenia: Dolenjska, an overlooked region

Whenever we talk with travelers that have been to Slovenia or read some blog writing about it, they are all very familiar with places like Bled, Ljubljana and Piran. Places in Dolenjska region are less known, but no less beautiful. Dolenjska is a region in South-East part of Slovenia. It’s very green with a lot…


Pelican capital of the World

Another day, another great place. The next not-to-miss spot was The Entrance. On our way up the East coast, this was the first spot after Blue Mountains. Although we later learned, that this is a very beautiful place, there was just one reason, why we decided to stop there.


You can’t feel blue in the Blue Mountains

When we first googled the pictures of Blue Mountains, we immediately decided that we have to visit the region on our East coast Australia trip. It happens quite a lot that pictures on the internet look much more appealing than personal experience, but this wasn’t the case with Blue Mountains.